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Balco is a reliable supplier of high quality sugar screens.
Our screens are developed in close cooperation with all important centrifugal manufacturers.

Since 1964 Balco Precision GmbH has built up a name as producer of electroformed quality screens for continuous centrifuges. Balco is worldwide known as a supplier of all types of centrifugal screens.

The following features are applicable to all of our chrome plated nickel screens for continuous centrifugals:

  • Our screens are made according to the specifications of the centrifugal manufacturers.
  • The very smooth working surfaces of our pure nickel screens are chrome plated for a longer lifetime and for soft travel of sugar crystals.
  • The conical hole shape (cross section) reduces blinding and clogging.
  • Slots are aligned to suit the travel direction of sugar crystals and to obtain maximum capacity and good purity results.

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Balco sieves are made by the specialized process of electroforming. Our sieves are made out of pure nickel and are chrome plated.

Balco is worldwide supplier to the cane and beet sugar industry. For over more then 50 years, Balco provides high quality, fast delivery and excellent service. Convince yourselves!

Our full line of products is only one click away. Have a look at our specifications and find out if your sieves are available via our standard program. If you have specific wishes, do contact us as we can provide other types on request.

Technical Specifications of most popular Balco screens

  • Slots 0.04 x 2.65 mm, thickness 0.33-0.35 mm, open area 5%
  • Slots 0.06 x 2.67 mm, thickness 0.32-0.35 mm, open area 8%
  • Slots 0.09 x 2.70 mm, thickness 0.30-0.35 mm, open area 11%
  • Slots 0.04 x 1.80 mm, thickness 0.33, open area 9.7%
  • Slots 0.06 x 1.82 mm, thickness 0.33, open area 14.7%
  • Slots 0.09 x 1.85 mm, thickness 0.33, open area 22.3%

Screens are available for all kind of brands used wordwide, like;

BMA, Bosco, Broadbent, Buckau Wolf, Five Cail, Hein Lehmann, Pieralisi, Salzgitter, Sangerhausen, Silver Weibull, Smith Mirless, Swidnicka Urzadzen, Techno Export, Universal, Vetek, Western States.

Other centrifugal brands available upon request.

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